Heart-Focused Meditation: A Foundational Guide To Living Through Your Heart Space

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In this book I share my method for connecting and living through the heart space. Not for just a few minutes like what you do at the end of a yoga session, but in a permanent, long-term way. In a way that will actually start to change your energy field and your 3D reality.

Connecting to this energy might cause you to:

  • Align to your highest path
  • Increase and clarify your psychic abilities
  • See angels numbers and synchronicities in your immediate reality
  • Set boundaries with others in a natural way that isn't forced
  • Attract your manifestations into 3D
  • Run into soulmates in the most magical ways
  • Align with people and healing modalities that will help to heal and open your heart further

This book includes:

  • Heart space visualization instructions that will teach you how to connect to your heart space long-term
  • The reason why we have so much trouble staying connected to our hearts in the first place.
  • My personal stories and experiences with heart-focused meditation (some of them are pretty crazy!)
  • The difference between the energy in your heart and other chakras.
  • Extensive FAQ section

This is a great foundational guide for anyone looking to add meditation to their manifestation practice. This is the final piece in helping to bring the things written on your list/board into your 3D reality ✨!

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If you want to focus on healing and clearing trauma, consider the healing bundle (includes Womb Space Meditation)

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22-pages (single-spaced) e-book on how to connect and live through your to your heart space

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Heart-Focused Meditation: A Foundational Guide To Living Through Your Heart Space

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I want this!